Can not access the router using, why?

Setting up routers is a complex process. Once all the hardwires are connected, the WiFi’s router settings page must be accessed to configure the firewall, password and WiFi signal name. This can be accomplished by typing http:\\ in the address bar. Homeowners able to follow the wireless router manual directions may find themselves perplexed when the wireless connection fails to load the router settings page. If the address is typed and nothing happens, a mistake during the setup process has occurred.

The first action a person should take is the thirty, thirty, thirty trick. This approach endeavors to fix a router’s malfunction through a physical recalibration. All routers’ default settings are If the router was previously owned, these settings may have been changed.

Reboot the computer. Login. Press Windows and R. Type in “ipconfig /flushdns”. Press enter. Walk over to the router and find the reset button. Press and hold the button for thirty seconds. Unplug the router and continue to hold down the button for another thirty seconds. Let go of the button. Plug in the router. Press and hold the reset button for another thirty seconds. Let go of the button. Wait. This physical reset reassigns the IP address to Once this ninety second procedure is complete, try and access the router’s settings through the web browser again (using http:\\ The router’s settings should automatically reset to default factory settings after the manual process just described is completed.

If the problem persists, check to make sure the computer does not have multiple network cards or ethernet cables hooked up. Only plug in cables and cards related to the router. Additional cords and cards may interrupt a wireless connection. Also, make sure the cable for the modem is completely screwed onto the modem and the correct cable leading outside. Contractors often split the cable connection three or four ways before navigating the cables in to the house.

If the problem still persists, seek advice from the locally subscribed internet service provider.